September 21, 2016

DEWs (Daily Email Workouts)

Access your DEWs Access your DEWs
access your DEWs under the My Analyses/Assignments/Workouts tab on your U.P. My Profile page

Get Your Daily Email Workouts! Get Your Daily Email Workouts!use this button to get your custom Daily Email Workouts plan
DEWs(Daily Email Workouts) are the next best thing to having one of our professional coaches personally workout with you! Have our team of professionals design a custom workout plan that will be emailed to you daily to help you reach your goals and expectations based on your own personal schedule. Working great as a stand-alone fitness plan or being customized to accompany your gym/fitness center memberships and any equipment you have access to, your weekly email workout plan also includes a monthly evaluation analysis to ensure the accuracy of your personal plan with regular monitoring. No matter what your goals are, what your age is, or if you are an athlete or not, the Daily Email Workouts service will get you the results you want! And since your workouts are custom, as your lifestyle changes so does your workout to accommodate that change (a student growing up, an athlete changing sports or in season, or any other change). Giving you a balance in both your personal and school/business life. You will be in better shape and healthier because you will be on a scheduled workout routine, and the healthier You will work more productively with a healthier mind, which is always an advantage in school/business (it has been scientifically proven that exercise increases brain activity, increased brain activity equals an advantage in school/business). We give you a custom workout that is designed and organized to fit your schedule and lifestyle! Available in 4-week, 6-month, yearly, and custom packages.